Roof Coating London

Many homeowners can be sceptical about having the roof coated or sealed after the cleaning process. The benefits however far out weight the alternative of just leaving the roof in it's initial cleaned only state.

For concrete tiles it is generally accepted that manufacturers quote a lifespan of 20/30 years before the structure starts deteriorating to a certain point whereby it is recommended a replacement programme is undertaken for some or all of the tiles.

However when cleaned the natural degradation of concrete roof tiles is accelerated by removing the top surface of the tiles as the moss and algae infestations are removed, so an event that occurs naturally through weathering, just check your gutters for the "sandstone droppings", will make your tiles more accessible to water ingress and further moss growth that deteriorates and will crack the tiles through the freeze thaw process.

By protecting your roof after the cleaning by having a professionally applied coloured roof coating or a clear acrylic sealer will extend the lifespan by making it water proof, but breathable to allow internal moisture to escape, inhibit moss and algae growth and dramatically enhance the visual appearance of your home or business.

The product is applied by an airless sprayer which allows the installer to continually check the absorbency of the product into the tile surface this ensures the coating is adequately penetrating the tiles therefore increases the longevity of it's colour and protective elements. The process is very efficient and effective and when the first application has cured enough a second coating of product is applied.

All areas are protected to ensure any overspray does not encroach anywhere other than on the roof tiles.

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